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Love City Pan Dragons CD


Good news for spring 2011: The Baby Dragons are back, after 10 years!

The first "litter" of Baby Dragons, drawn from Pan Summer Camp '98 participants, was "hatched" in September 1998 by their first instructor, Victor Provost. Those original members 'graduated' to be the core of our skilled and self-assured Pan Dragons, and over the missing ten years have now graduated from the Pan Dragons as well.

The Baby Dragons' skill, discipline, focus and love of steel pan music was a tribute to their instructors, Victor Provost and Samuel Lawrence, and to the support of their families, the older Pan Dragons, and the St. John community. The Baby Dragons was discontinued after 3 years due to lack of funding, with Summer Pan Camps and walk-ins providing new players over the last ten years.

The new Baby Dragons, after just a few weeks of practice, debuted their first tune at St Thomas Carnival Panorama. Barely visible above their pans, some standing on little stools, they were wildly cheered on by the Pan Dragons and families in the audience. These enthusiastic 5-7 year olds are the future of the Pan Dragons.

Above photos by Ivy Moses: 2001 St. Thomas Panorama - most went on to be Pan Dragons and are now grown!

Second generation 'panman' Shamal Thomas on tenor bass, July 4th 2002:

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